The Guardian review ‘Men in Motion; Kyle Abraham: Pavement review – Putrov looks to the past’

‘If Abraham’s subject matter is political, the dances that he makes are intensely personal and imbued with a rare grace. What strikes you first about his choreography is the austere discipline underpinning its expressiveness. Rococo isolations of wrist, neck and shoulder flow from a centre that is always held, always calm.’

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London Theatre Direct review: ‘Abraham.In.Motion: Pavement’

‘Pavement is a visceral and very considered piece of work. There is thought in the smallest detail, from noting that the lone female dancer is the only one who has no altercations to (halfway through the piece), trainers being strung up on telephone wires. It speaks to the zeitgeist of movements for equality stemming from injustice.  For a piece based on a 1991 film, and created in 2012, it remains powerful and relevant. More, please!’

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DanceTabs review: Kyle Abraham / Abraham.In.Motion – Pavement – London

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The Guardian – Kyle Abraham: Pavement review – ‘dancing in handcuffs with aggression and grace’

‘Abraham, however, is equally interested in the soul of his onstage community. He is an intensely musical choreographer, and whether he’s setting hip-hop to Verdi or ballet to Hudson Mohawk, his characters’ interior grace shines through their often very beautiful dancing. He has a genius, too, for combining the stylised and vernacular, as in the flawlessly natural duet with which he shows two of his characters falling hesitantly in love.’

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Bachtrack review: ‘Choreographer Kyle Abraham debuts at Sadler’s Wells’

“We’re still dying” says African American choreographer Kyle Abraham. Limp bodies lie heaped upon one another: face down, arms twisted back, wrists crossed. Abraham returns repeatedly to this image in his work Pavement. ‘

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The Independent – Review: ‘Kyle Abraham, Pavement, Sadler’s Wells, London, review: Theatre, hip hop and a sharp political sensibility’

‘One of the most powerful qualities in Pavement is that, in a work about discrimination and suffering, it never reduces its dancers to flat victims. They’re both a community and individuals. Running around the stage, their jog becomes a rhythmic stride, each dancer gleefully spinning off into their own version.’

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PBS interview: ‘Kyle Abraham: A life in Motion’

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette review: ‘Choreographer Kyle Abraham shows off a formidable stage presence upon return to his native Pittsburgh’

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Pittsburgh Courier preview: ‘Pittsburgh choreographer Kyle Abraham to perform at AWC’

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Triblive preview: ‘Celebrated choreographer Kyle Abraham comes home to Pittsburgh’

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