Reggie Wilson/preview: ‘Let my people go in dance’

‘The African American choreographer Reggie Wilson never seems satisfied with one idea or theme in his work. His dance Moses(es), performed Sept. 23 and 24 at Zellerbach Hall, is about the African diaspora, with music based on clapping and chants developed by Wilson and his collaborators. But it’s also an exploration of ideas about the biblical prophet Wilson explored during trips he took to Israel, Turkey, Egypt and Mali, and the urge to dramatize Zora Neale Hurston’s novel Moses, Man of the Mountain, which sets the story in the African American experience.’

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Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion’s ‘Live! The Realest MC’ is back on tour

‘Live! The Realest MC’ references our own humanity in this digital age, creating an abstracted and humorously dark narrative that places the iconic childhood character, Pinocchio, in an industrial dystopia. Inspired by Pinocchio’s plight to be a ‘real boy,’ Abraham’s ensemble dance work investigates gender roles in the black community and the quest for acceptance in the world of hip-hop celebrity.

See ‘Live! The Realest MC’ at the McCullough Theater in Austin, TX, on September 29 and 30.

Broadway World Preview: ‘Reggie Wilson/Fist and Heel Performance Group to Return to The Dance Center This Fall’

‘Choreographer Wilson’s new work CITIZENquestions what it means to belong and what it means to not want to belong, inspired by the histories of iconic African Americans who faced prevalent contradictions and irony connected to individuality, anonymity, freedom and dignity in relation to their civic duties. A provocative dialogue emerges through a series of five intricately woven solos, layered with haunting footage that suspends time and placE. Wilson, whose postmodern work embodies elements of blues, folk and African Diaspora cultures, works down to the marrow in CITIZEN, exposing isolation and the ways in which we make space for our communities and our countries without sacrificing the authentic sense of self and the legacies of our diverse cultural identities.’

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Abraham.In.Motion/Artsjournal Review: ‘Home, Where the Heart Is’

‘The choreography has its own characteristics. A smooth, slow passage may be interrupted by explosive moves, then calm down. Big, sweeping steps contrast with small gestures, polished dancing with easy-going walking, tentativeness with assurance. Unlike much of what we see onstage these days, Abraham’s choreography has the kind of expressiveness that infuses good conversation. The dancers may silently drawl or sputter or sing out movements, or ration them via hesitation. Champions at body linguistics, they’re able to summon up fluid ripples of motion or bring one set of muscles into negotiations with another set. You watch them and ponder what they’re thinking, what they’re feeling.’

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Kyle Abraham to create new work for 2017 Fall for Dance festival

‘Mark Morris, Michelle Dorrance and Kyle Abraham are among the choreographers who will create new works for this year’s edition of the Fall for Dance Festival, New York City Center’s annual series of affordable and diverse performances.’

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Abraham.In.Motion’s Jacob’s Pillow run – The Rogovoy Report Preview

‘In his most recent work, Dearest Home, Kyle Abraham, MacArthur “Genius” Fellow and Jacob’s Pillow Award-winner, presents an intimate performance that explores the concepts of love, longing, and loss. Dearest Home audiences watch the performance in-the-round, allowing them to fully experience the “glorious conviction” of the dancers.’

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Dance Magazine: ‘Abraham.In.Motion: Passion, Purpose & a Quirky New Setup’

‘It’s the end of a long rehearsal day for the dancers of Abraham.In.Motion. They’re reviewing phrases of a new work, Dearest Home. It’s a pretty typical rehearsal scene. Some dancers cluster around a laptop trying to piece together steps learned long ago. Others review choreography together, working to figure out who remembered which arms correctly.’

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette: ”A true dream come true’: Kyle Abraham featured in Dance Magazine’

‘Lincoln-Larimer native Kyle Abraham can add “cover star” to his list of accomplishments. Six dancers from his New York City-based dance troupe Abraham.In.Motion are featured on the front of the August issue of Dance Magazine, a major industry publication that’s been in print since 1927.’

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DAVID ROUSSEVE/REALITY RECEIVES A NATIONAL dance project award for his new work ‘Halfway to Dawn: The Strayhorn project’

‘Halfway to Dawn’ will premiere in the Fall of 2018. CONTRA-TIEMPO also received an NDP Award last year for a new work entitled ‘joyUS’ that will tour in 18/19. Thank you NEFA!

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