Reggie Wilson’s Platform for Danspace Project considers the importance of houses of worship in the largely secular world of contemporary dance.

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Critical Dance review of AIM’s performances of ‘Dearest Home’ at the Clarice

‘I remained enrapt throughout Dearest Home. When it was over, I still wanted more. That’s the mark of a strong performance.’

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Dance Review: ‘Dearest Home’ at Kogod Theatre in Clarice Smith Performing Arts Center

‘But one man (Matthew Baker) danced alone. He quietly unbuttoned his shirt and pulled off his own pants, folding them neatly. But his dance was chaotic and pained. He twisted and thrashed. Then suddenly he stopped in the middle of the floor and sobbed. We could see grief rippling through his body—in his quivering hands, heaving chest, and the knobs of his backbone pressing through his skin—and somehow in the magical transference of authentic dance, his grief became mine. I ached for him, and I ached for me. And for a moment, we were no longer alone.’

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The Daily Wildcat/CONTRA-TIEMPO: ‘Choreographer showcased for her artistic activism’

This year, the Binational Arts Residency showcases the works of Ana Maria Alvarez who brings out her artistic style while tackling social issues.

“When you’re dealing with breakdowns happening in society or things being built on top of injustices, our ability to break through that with an intense experience that reminds us of our humanity is powerful.”–Ana Maria Alvarez

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NY Times preview / Reggie Wilson: ‘The Good Bet – Take me to church’

What does this history mean to the choreographer Reggie Wilson? Danspace Project has chosen him to organize a monthlong series of performances and events called “Dancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches, and Downtown Dance.” Mr. Wilson’s own work has investigated spirituality and the culture of the African diaspora, so it’s no surprise that his curatorial focus is on the intersection of race, dance and religious architecture.

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Pittsburgh Post Gazette: ‘Kyle Abraham’s journey to international dance stardom traces its roots to Pittsburgh’

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Amsterdam News preview / Reggie Wilson to guest-curate Danspace Project’s Platform

Reggie Wilson is the guest curator for the Danspace Project’s Platform 2018 (Feb. 28-March 24) titled, “Dancing Platform Praying Grounds: Blackness, Churches and Downtown Dance,” realized “…from Wilson’s ongoing research into religion, race, and, as he explains, ‘the potential of the body as a valid means for knowing.’” For this iteration, Wilson’s research and invitation to the artists is prompted by “…questions about race, religion, dance and the architecture and history of Danspace Project’s iconic home in St. Mark’s Church in-the-Bowery.”

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Reggie Wilson/Fist & Heel to present ‘CITIZEN’ at the Wesleyan Center for the Arts on 2/9

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Abraham.In.Motion to return to the 2018 Spoleto festival

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Dance Magazine / ‘In The Studio: Kyle Abraham On the Eerie Beauty of Our Current Political Climate’

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