Kyle Abraham - John Brady

The Daily Iowan/Preview: ‘MOTION. AT. THE. EDGE.’

‘At the heart of Abraham’s work is his political sensibility. In a “Life and Times” interview with Quinn Peterson, Abraham described the challenge of attempting to balance his desire to make complex, political statements with his work while retaining a degree of practical accessibility.

“[It’s] the struggle of any performing artist; it’s a constant conversation,” Abraham said. “Things come up. [I’ve] talked to Bill T. Jones about this: When you put a black body on the stage, there’s already an inherent story that’s going to be told. And when you put that black body on stage with any other dancer, the story shifts based on the history that whoever is watching it has already experienced. Whatever your experience is — if you’re seeing a black body and a white body, a black man and a black woman, and black man and a white man — all of those things have their own kind of politic to them.’

Read the full preview here.

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