Students of George Mason University’s School of Dance performing Bereishit’s work

Photography by Emmanuel Williams

ACS Magazine interview of SoonHo Park, Bereishit Dance Company’s Artistic Director

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Rutgers University Mason Gross Dance students pose after performing a work by Bereishit Dance Company

Sneak peek into Bereishit’s recent residency at Rutgers University’s Mason Gross School of Dance

Preview: ‘Bereishit Dance Company proves strong is beautiful, elegant’

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Preview: ‘Korean contemporary dance company Bereishit makes its Pittsburgh debut’

‘The name “Bereishit,” Hebrew for “in the beginning,” implies the process of creation, writes Park via email: “Creation of a piece is like the creation of a world.” The company will present two of Park’s creations blending contemporary dance with traditional Korean music. “I learned contemporary dance from Western culture,” writes Park. “For me, [Korean] tradition is a new culture.” Park says his use of traditional Korean music is not just about combining contemporary movement with traditional music; he is simply inspired by such music.’

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Pittsburgh Dance Gazette preview: ‘Bereishit Dance Company to present an evening of firsts in Pittsburgh’

‘Founder and artistic director Soon-ho Park said he was thinking not about the physical but the “mental or spiritual strangeness and harmony” in “Bow,” a duet.

“Archery needs physical and mental strength both. Through the archery, we can see ourselves deeply. Actually the piece was made for myself,” he said by email.

That process has catapulted Mr. Park to the top tier of choreographers in South Korea. He has been a part of the Seoul dance scene since 1992, but he decided recently to turn his focus to making dances. He chose Arnhem European Dance Development Center in The Netherlands in order “to be stronger as a choreographer and human being,” he said.’

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Northrop Auditorium interviews Bereishit dancer, Jaewoo Jong

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Bereishit to perform in the Twin Cities on February 28

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Check out the trailer of Bereishit’s newest work, ‘Judo’