Reggie Wilson: Artist Profile

‘A 2014 trip to Paris led to thinking about why many famous artists of the Harlem Renaissance made a path to Europe. With migration as an ongoing concentration and source of inspiration for my work, I became obsessed to understand the varied thoughts and reasons of this particular migration. I questioned what were the parallels to other migrations of black folks across the globe? Also, a long held interest in the life and work of Zora Neale Hurston led me to wonder why she chose to remain and base her work here in America. These were the points of “departure” for the creation of CITIZEN. Expanding questions continue to accumulate about what does it mean to belong and to NOT want to belong. In the development of the new work, theoretical and cerebral ideas are being confronted through the development of numerous kinesthetic elements using repetition, rhythm and juxtaposition, layered with filmed studio and site-specific footage using scale, light and shadow.’

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