1358-Kyle-Abraham-STG.jpg Kyle Abraham | STG, Moore Theater | Mar, 2015 © Jerry and Lois Photography All rights reserved

Preview/Kyle Abraham: ‘Dance that Speaks Out’

“I try to create work that reflects society as I see it,” he said. “Sometimes people see hope in that and sometimes people see the disparity that is in closer correlation to my experience growing up in this country. But, there is also purposefully the possibility of seeing both hope and disparity in my work; I think that speaks to the conflict and tensions that have been in this country for a long period of time. There are stories that are from an earlier time, but the work winds up correlating with current events basically because of the cyclical nature of history repeating itself over and over again. With that work so often comes a direct smack in the face that there is still so much more progress to be made. I like to make work that speaks to all those things.”

Read the full preview here.

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