Broadway World preview: ‘YBCA to present world premiere of Kyle Abraham’s ‘Dearest Home’

‘Presented by Abraham’s company, ABRAHAM.IN.MOTION, Dearest Home is at its core about love, longing, and loss. Performed in YBCA’s intimate Forum, audience members will have the choice to watch the performance with a composed score playing through headphones or with no score, instead listening to the ambient sound of bodies moving through space. “The dancers have never rehearsed to music for this work, and won’t hear the music before or after they perform it,” explains Abraham. He adds, “In creating a show centered around love, longing, and loss, I felt it necessary to divorce myself from my first love, music. Music is what brought me to dance. Specifically it was the music of Prince, whose life was taken all too soon-actually when I was in San Francisco for a creative residency for Dearest Home.”‘

Read the full preview here.

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